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I did my first “hike” late summer 2016. My main reason for going was that I have a very reactive and sometimes aggressive little pup named Juno.  She can be pretty challenging to walk. I found by accident that she did well out in the woods, on mostly solitary trails. We got completely hooked! From that point forward I went out as often as I could and decided I wanted to integrate my love for walking in the woods with my passion for making movement and exercise as accessible as possible to all people regardless of experience or size.

Outdoor recreation wasn’t something I grew up around so the concept of “hiking” was very intimidating to me at first. I’ve learned A LOT by reading and going out on the trails. My mission with Hiking Club is to make hikes accessible to folks who may otherwise feel intimidated or not "fit enough" for more traditional hiking groups. We take our time. We go slow. We listen to our bodies and take breaks whenever we need to. No hiker is left behind or expected to "keep up." Hike your own hike and do it with rad positive people! 


  • A nurturing & supportive community of hikers of ALL skill levels (I can’t believe the QUALITY of people we’ve had in this program – I am so grateful for the strong hearts and muscles that have shown up!)
  • Detailed trail information, directions, maps & GPS coaching.
  • Coordinating the carpooling for all far away hikes so you don’t have to! I will reimburse all drivers who take a full car of hikers up to $0.15/mile according to Google Maps GPS.
  • Parking Passes for all hikes.
  • Exclusive Hiking Guide w/information about etiquette, gear & more!
  • Options for making the EASY hikes more difficult, if you’re looking for more of a challenge!
 Views from Mt. Ellinor 2018!


This year we're going on 7 hikes: 

  • May 26th -- WESTPORT LIGHT TRAIL -- EASY EASY -- 3 miles of flat pavement along the beach in Westport, WA! (Bonus opportunity to explore the Westport Jetty!) 
  • June 9th -- LOWER SOUTH FORK SKOKOMISH RIVER -- EASY INTERMEDIATE -- Beautiful trail along the Skok! We typically do about 4 miles total - There is a series of switchbacks on this trail that certainly leaves me breathless for a bit, but remember, we always take is SLOW AND EASY (and take lots of pictures!) -- Trail is often muddy, so wear decent waterproof footwear. 
  • June 23rd -- UPPER BIG CREEK -- INTERMEDIATE -- 4.5 miles with an 880 feet gain along the beautiful Big Creek. -- This hike is always absolutely STUNNING! 
  • July 7th -- LOWER LENA LAKE -- INTERMEDIATE HARD -- A somewhat rooty trail with several switchbacks and 1300 feet of gain in 3.5 miles. This hike is 7 miles total. Lower Lena Lake is a very popular (for good reason!) lake for swimming! 
  • July 21st -- SKOOKUM FLATS -- EASY -- Beautiful cool walk along White River off of HWY 410 to beautiful waterfalls -- This is a shared trail with bikes, FYI. One of my favorites! 
  • August 18th -- MOUNT ELLINOR -- HARD HARD -- The hardest hike we do! Join us for an all day affair climbing Mt. Ellinor. This hike is rocky and 3300 feet straight UP! Plus, mountain goats and other cute trail friends. 
  • September 22nd @ 10:45am!-- SEQUALITCHEW CREEK -- EASY EASY - This hike is FREE and open to kids, pups and everyone who wants to come! This trail is stroller accessible! Submit a form to register and for more details! 

PRICING: $30 per hike, except SEQUALITCHEW CREEK which is FREE.  




  • A backpack with enough food and water for yourself for the adventure.
  • Your positive adventuring self!

WHERE TO MEET: We will be meeting Saturdays at 8am for ALL hikes (with the exception of Mount Ellinor which will depart at 6am) at Polly's residence. Details will be sent upon receiving your registration. 

ARE PUPS ALLOWED? YES! PUPS ARE ALLOWED ON ALL TRAILS -- If you wish to bring your pup please be knowledgeable about pup trail etiquette (or ask!) and be willing to drive separately.  




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All drivers are compensated $.15/mile using Google Maps GPS

**Please note: All sales are final. Refunds may be issued in the case of an emergency. Hikes are subject to change based on trail conditions.